Episode 4 | David Belt

David Belt, Co-Founder and CEO of New Lab, speaks with Ofer Cohen about the path that led him to the aspirational real estate development work he is involved with, in the intersection of art, technology and architecture. From his early years touring with a punk rock band, through the idea of converting dumpsters into swimming pools, to creating the largest, advanced tech hub on the East Coast, David is a true example of how, and why, it is an inspiring time to be in Brooklyn.


Episode 3 | Toby Moskovits

Hey BK Host, Ofer Cohen, chats with Toby Moskovits, President of Heritage Equity Partners. Toby speaks about growing up in Brooklyn and how she was able to “beat the odds” to gain success and credibility in the commercial real estate industry. She also touches upon her interest in the Williamsburg and Bushwick markets, and what drives her to continue investing and developing in Brooklyn.


Episode 2 | MaryAnne Gilmartin

MaryAnne Gilmartin, Director of Commercial Residential Development for Forest City Ratner LL MAGIn 1986, MaryAnne Gilmartin graduated from university and was given an Urban Fellowship, an opportunity in NYC to experience public service before jumping into the private sector. It was here that Gilmartin realized her passion for real estate and development. From the age of 20, MaryAnne began to meet some of NYC’s most powerful developers, one being Bruce Ratner of Forest City Ratner NY. Gilmartin proved to be a force and visionary, eventually leading to her appointment as CEO of Forest City, all while being a full-time mom to two children. Shortly after this podcast recorded, MaryAnne announced her next big move, starting a company of her own, L&L MAG. Listen here to learn more about the leader behind some of NYC’s biggest development projects including the Barclays Center and Pacific Park.



Episode 1 | David Kramer

David Kramer, President of the Hudson Companies, speaks with Ofer Cohen about his path to becoming a developer in New York City and more specifically, Brooklyn. This conversation dives into how he got to Hudson Companies in 1995, to the diverse types of apartment buildings he’s been able to build, to running five New York City marathons while tossing a Nerf football. Tune in to hear why David moved back to NYC from L.A. to follow his dream, how his team celebrates office victories, where in Brooklyn he grew up and more.

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